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Recently, our video crew sat down with a number of students eager to share their experience with Reets Drying Academy. Unscripted and unrehearsed, these students described what they liked about the Reets Drying Academy education experience. They expressed how they benefitted from what they learned at the various classes offered by Reets Drying Academy including: The World’s Fastest Drying System, IICRC and ASD, Agent Marketing, and more. They discussed the unique teaching methods of founder and instructor, Jeremy Reets. The science of drying is a hallmark of Jeremy’s Reets’ class room instruction. The students were impressed at the opportunity to make practical, real world application of drying science in the Reets Drying Academy Flood House. Many of the students keep coming back for more – having attended multiple classes at Reets Drying Academy.

You may view the videos here, on our Testimonials page.


Modern Drying Process – Reducing Demo

During a residential Category 1 water intrusion, water flows under cabinets and wicks into the wall assembly behind them. In a commercial Category 1 water intrusion, water flows across the floor into a metal framed,

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Why Choose Reets Drying Academy?

Table of Contents Reets Drying Academy (RDA), the best restoration school in the world (your words, not ours) has multiple classes that are essential to helping the success of your disaster restoration company! Check out

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