Weekly Team Meetings for Restoration Companies

With emergency jobs, day-to-day responsibilities, and “better things to do” it can be really hard to set aside time for training and company discussions about ways to improve. That’s why we’ve created a brand new Reets TV Training Track: Weekly Team Meetings for A Year.

restoration weekly team meeting topics

How to use the training track:

The “Weekly Team Meetings for A Year” training track is designed for busy companies that only have about 10-15 minutes to train per week.

 Step 1: Go to Reets TV Streaming either on your computer, your Roku, or Reets TV app (Android or Apple)

Step 2: In the search bar search: “weekly training” and choose the training track

Download this Reets TV Weekly Training Checklist

Step 3: Play the first video. If you have time, discuss the training as a team. Ask some questions:

  • Is this how we are doing it in the field?
  • Are there any challenges with doing this?
  • Could we improve?
  • What could we do better? 

Step 4: Once a week, watch ONE training video. In a year, you will have watched 52 training videos and have created an environment for company discussion and improvement.


Got more questions? Ask us in the chat box or call us at 678-723-1600.

Here's the Restoration Weekly Training Track video list:

Week 1: Value of Exacting Carpet Pad (8 min)

Week 2: Extracting Carpet Pad (12 min)

Week 3: Air Mover Identification and Testing (15 min)

Week 4: Air Mover Best Application and Placement (8 min)

Week 5: Setting the Right Number of Air Movers (13 min)

Week 6: Moisture Meter Identification (8 min)

Week 7: Using Hygrometers and IR Thermometers (12 min)

Week 8: Invasive Moisture Meter Application (12 min)

Week 9: Non-invasive Moisture Meter Application (10 min)

Week 10: Dehumidification’s Role in Drying (10 min)

Week 11: Using LGR Dehumidifiers (14 min)

Week 12: Setting the Right Number of LGR Dehumidifiers (14 min)

Week 13: Electrical Basics and Safety on Water Losses – Part 1 (10 min)

Week 14: Electrical Basics and Safety on Water Losses – Part 2 (11 min)

Week 15: Direct Heat Application Basics (10 min)

Week 16: Floor Drying Principles (10 min)

Week 17: Application for Wood and Ceramic Floors (14 min)

Week 18: Containment Principles (8 min)

Week 19: Containment Application (10 min)

Week 20: Handling Contents on A Water Loss (12 min)

Week 21: PPE On Water Losses (9 min)

Week 22: Wall Air Injection Tools (7 min)

Week 23: Wall Injection Application (12 min)

Week 24: Understanding Air Filtration Devices (8 min)

Week 25: Using Air Filtration Devices (10 min)

Week 26: Psychrometry 101 (14 min)

Week 27: Psychrometry 102 (13 min)

Week 28: Evaporation Potential 101 – Dalton’s Law of Evaporation (11 min)

Week 29: Evaporation Potential 102 – Calculation Evaporation Potential (14 min)

Week 30: Increase EP by Drying the Air (12 min)

Week 31: Increase EP by Heating Wet Surfaces (15 min)

Week 32: Drying with Evaporation Potential (11 min)

Week 33: Determining the Category of Water (9 min)

Week 34: ATP Testing and Category of Loss – Interview with Slade Smith

Week 35: Initial Response to Mold Amplification on A Water Loss (7 min)

Week 36: ATP Sampling Procedures (4 min)

Week 37: Removing Baseboard and Cutting Drywall (17 min)

Week 38: Drying Crawl Space Structure (14 min)

Week 39: Drying Crawl Space Soil (12 min)

Week 40: Crawl Space Drying Process (8 min)

Week 41: Hardwood Floor Drying – Part 1 (2 min)

Week 42: Hardwood Floor Drying – Part 2 (1 min)

Week 43: Hardwood Floor Drying – Part 3 (1 min)

Week 44: Hardwood Floor Drying Process (15 min)

Week 45: In Place Drying (9 min)

Week 46: Conventional Drying Process When Removing Padding and Drying Carpet (10 min)

Week 47: Ceramic Tile Drying Process – Part 1 (14 min)

Week 48: Ceramic Tile Drying Process – Part 2 (8 min)

Week 49: Category 3 Water Loss Response Principles

Week 50: Category 3 Water Loss – Process

Week 51: Category 3 Water Loss Contaminated Material Removal (3 min)

Week 52: Category 3 Water Loss – Decontamination



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