What Is An IICRC FSRT Certification?


If you are looking to get into fire damage restoration, getting an IICRC FSRT certification is a great place to start. 


What does IICRC FSRT stand for?

With regards to IICRC certification, FSRT stands for Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician. It is a course focused on teaching fire and smoke damage restoration. 

Learn more about the IICRC in this blog post HERE


How long is the FSRT course?

online fire restoration class

Recently, the IICRC has approved fire and water restoration certification online via Livestream. As a result, this class may be now be taken online or hands-on.

The hands-on FSRT course is a 3-day course. The Livestream FSRT course is a 2-day course.

Ready to take an IICRC FSRT class online or in-person? Check out online FSRT class dates HERE and in-house FSRT class dates HERE


Why is it recommended to take an FSRT certification course?

fire and water restoration training online

In our industry, fire restoration is one of the most dangerous sources of income you will encounter. What many don’t realize is that there are some very toxic substances that fire restorers encounter. 

Learn what some of those are in this short Reets TV video HERE

By taking an IICRC FSRT course, you’ll learn what these hazards are and how to protect yourself and your customers. You’ll receive hands-on training for technical and practical cleaning procedures training on how to properly address fire and smoke exposure. 


What else will you learn in an FSRT course?

fire restoration certification

When you take an FSRT course at Reets Drying Academy, we will take you beyond the technical side of fire restoration. We’ll teach you how to manage the site, the contents, the safety aspects, all the way down to the invoicing.

This class has the potential to be the most profitable class you’ve taken. We’ll teach you how to reduce your liability while increasing your average dollar sale just by doing what you’re supposed to do.

Ready to take an IICRC FSRT class online or in-person? Check out online FSRT class dates HERE and in-house FSRT class dates HERE


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