What Is An IICRC WRT Certification?

What is an IICRC WRT Certification?



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If you’re thinking of starting a water damage restoration business, chances are you’ve heard the words IICRC and WRT certification once or twice.

In today’s video we’ll answer:

  • What is the IICRC?
  • What are the benefits of getting IICRC certified?
  • What is a WRT certification?
  • Where can I get IICRC certified? (Hint, hint… come to Reets Drying Academy!)

What is the IICRC?

The IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They are a non-profit certifying body for the cleaning and restoration industry. Getting and IICRC certification is widely recognized as an indication of advanced understanding and a professional level of practice in cleaning and restoration.  In fact, some states and insurance companies require individuals be IICRC certified before handling some restoration projects. 


Many restoration contractors choose to get certified through the IICRC since they develop the ANSI-acredited standards for the cleaning and restoration industry. The IICRC holds the standard for water restoration (s500), mold remediation (s520), Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup (s540) and a several others. The IICRC has approved schools to train and certify students on these standards.


Learn more about the IICRC here

What is the IICRC WRT Certification?


IICRC WRT stands Water Damage Restoration Technician. It is basically Water Restoration 101. You’ll learn the basics of drying. That includes the tools of the trade, some drying science, a few formulas that standardize drying (somewhat) and even go over some customer service best practices.


At Reets Drying Academy, we try to mix your education with some fun activities that will make retention better. For example, our curriculum is a mix of video training, gamification and lecture. This balance allows the students to actively participate while learning how many of us learn today… by watching a screen! The IICRC WRT Certification is done via livestream. That means you don’t need to send your technicians across the country to get a basic education. Who knows if that guy or gal will even be at your company in 2 months time…. This certification provides a good foundation to make sure they understand what water restoration is all about.


Book a Livestream WRT here

What is the IICRC ASD Certification?

IICRC ASD stands for Applied Structural Drying  certification. This course covers the effective, efficient, and timely drying of water-damaged structures and contents within a restorative drying environment. What does that mean? This class goes past just book knowledge. It includes a hands on element. This course is about applying the knowledge from WRT and taking it a step further with real world examples.


But Reets Drying Academy goes even further than that. We want you to see what actually is happening at a water damage. How do you set equipment when drying hardwood floors? Why do we extract? How does that affect profitability? Why do we even use air movers? What actually are they doing? When we turn air movers on, how does that affect air quality? How should that affect the scope of work? How are these things affecting the health and safety of your employees? Read the instruments and meters for yourself to really get to know the science behind drying.


For the reasons listed above, IICRC ASD can not be offered as a livestream course. But you can combine the 3 day IICRC WRT with the 3 day IICRC ASD and get 2 certifications in 5 days with our WRT/ASD combo course. You could also package a livestream WRT with an in-person ASD course for a discounted price here!


Book an IICRC WRT/ASD combo course today!

Chloe Hudson

Chloe Hudson is a freelance Content Creator based in Georgia. She worked for Champion Cleaning Systems, Inc. and has over 20 years of experience in the disaster restoration industry. She has certification in water, fire and mold restoration and has been involved in most aspects of the industry including being a technician, controlling content manipulation inventory, management, estimating, accounting and reception.


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