What is an LMS??


LMS Stands for Learning Management System.


What could you possibly need that for?


Having the ability to train your entire team from the comfort of your very own office is not only a huge time saver but allows your employees to grow and become WORLD CLASS.

Here at Reets Drying Academy we use an LMS to host our training for our customers. It allows us to track your progress, to divide you into different companies and groups, and add in as much content as we want! This gives us the ability to provide you with the most Water Restoration training held in one place.

LMS - Learning Management System word cloud with marker, business concept background


There is so much more to it….


Having your own LMS as a company allows you to add in your own content and training. Maybe that new hire paperwork, policies and procedures, or even adding in your OSHA training. Holding your employees responsible for not only seeing the information but now you proof they know the standards and the rules of your company and now is the time to follow them!

Hold your employees accountable for their actions. Take an iPhone video about, for example, NEVER leave the keys in the truck! Send it out to all of your employees and you can tell when they have watched the video! Now when someone leaves those keys in that truck again…..consequences.

Having all of your training in one place allows for a convenient and easy to use process that no employee can say they don’t have time for! Our LMS is all online based. You can take it on the go. When you have questions about hardwood floor drying, your tech can go right to that video and refresh their mind as to what the right course of action may be.

More than one location? No problem. That’s what makes an LMS what you need! Organization, Employee Management, and Streamline training.

You don’t have to get an LMS with ReetsTV built in. But why not? ReetsTV is the largest amount of restoration videos of its kind. Don’t waste time making it again! Use ours and then implement yours in as well! All in one place and the best training around!


Don’t just take our words for it! Get a free trial today!



Jeremy Reets

Jeremy Reets started in water restoration in 1990. He is known as the innovator of the TES/ETES drying systems and a discipline of drying called Directed Heat Drying™. He developed the Evaporation Potential formula for use by restorers. He opened Reets Drying Academy and flood house in 2005 to provide water damage restoration education. In 2011, Jeremy developed Reets.TV, a series of online water restoration training packages.


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