What Is eLearning & What Are The Benefits?


What Is eLearning & What Are The Benefits?


Information and education at our fingertips through online learning. 

Where did you go to learn how to complete your latest DIY project? Where did you go to figure out how to cook that new dish you’ve been wanting to try? Chances are you found the information online. In fact, you probably watched a few Youtube videos about it. You learned something in an electronic way.  That’s life in the modern world. 

Now more than ever the ways we can learn online are growing. More structured learning through eLearning or online training platforms are cropping up everywhere. Company after company is implementing it in their training. It’s no wonder Orbis Research says the eLearning market is expected to reach $275 billion by 2022. But what technically is eLearning?

$275 Billion Market E-Learning

The dictionary definition is: “Learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet”. That’s pretty straightforward. So why should you care about eLearning? What are the benefits of eLearning? How can you use eLearning to make your company more productive and profitable?

Many restoration companies are using eLearning and videos in one way or another. It’s no surprise because of the fact that someone can learn anytime and anywhere. It’s cost-effective, saves time, and improves performance and productivity. This all directly relates to your profitability.

Are you using some form of eLearning? If not, why not? Wouldn’t it benefit your business? In our next few emails, we’re going to expound on some of the major benefits of eLearning, starting with how cost effective it is.

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Written by: Cody Fox

Cody has been on the team for many years now. He works with marketing but is mainly known for his skills with the camera. Cody has directed, produced and edited many of the ads, videos and quick tips Reets Drying Academy is known for. 


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