What is the difference between the Reets TV Estimating Pro Series and the Estimating and Negotiating Class?


Estimating and Negotiating Combo Vs Estimating Pro Series Online 


Jeremy Reets and I, Nick Sharp, have been teaching the Estimating and Negotiating class for 5 years now. Thousands of contractors have come through the class and have enjoyed discussing improving the estimating process. 


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In 2020, we decided to expand the class. We wanted to add more Xactimate into the class. But how would we separate ourselves from other Xactimate classes? Why would someone want to come to RDA to learn about Xactimate? These were the questions that sparked the birth of the Reets TV Estimating Pro Series.


So what’s the difference between the Estimating and Negotiating Class and the Reets TV Estimating Pro Series?

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As mentioned earlier, we wanted to add an Xactimate portion to the Estimating and Negotiating class, but we had to make it different from every other class out there. 

Many Xactimate classes are 3 days. But they focus primarily on teaching the program. That is good and for many, necessary.

We didn’t want our class to focus just on teaching you how to use Xactimate. We wanted to go deeper. We wanted to focus only on the things an estimator (that is doing mitigation estimates) needs to know. The class is designed to teach you application of Xactimate principles

This is the difference between the Estimating and Negotiating class and the self-paced, online Estimating Pro Series. The Estimating Pro Series is primarily tailored to teaching someone Xactimate from the very beginning. 


Who should purchase the Reets TV Estimate Pro Series?


The Estimating Pro Series, as of January 2021, is a basic overview of what an estimator should know to start using Xactimate. This should be used in conjunction with the class.

The self-paced learning is designed for you to work along with the videos. Take your time… pause… rewatch if necessary. It will take someone that has never used Xactimate and give them an outlet to try real jobs. It also goes into detail about Sketch and pricing. 

The series is not meant to be static though. We have more videos planned, scripted and ready to film. We also have an entire board of ideas that have to do with estimating. This includes estimating without Xactimate.

There are also some that want to train their technicians about Xactimate as well. Why? Because the more the techs know about potential line items and how what they do ties into the bottom line, the better. They can then know they are a part of the team. They can know that when they miss something, a picture, blocking a room, whatever… it means dollars.

Also, they can look at ways to upsell. How do you upsell a water claim? When they know certain line items exist, they won’t do the work and forget to put it on the scope sheet. Or they will know they need to do a certain item after hours, because there is a large difference on the bottom line when items are performed after hours vs during business hours. Lastly, that tech may one day make the best estimator you’ve ever had. Start cross training the ones you want to be in that seat one day instead of hiring outside of your environment and culture.

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Why come to class?

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The Estimating and Negotiating class does cover some of the same things as the Estimating Pro series. But it expands on many of the principles. Also, you can bounce any questions off the instructor, an Xactimate Certified Trainer. More than that, we discuss the game plan. 

Let me ask you something. How has Bill Belichek won all those championships? One, he is a brilliant coach. Two, he videotapes the opponents’ plays lol. As a Falcons fan, I have to hate a little.

Do you think the insurance company is looking for our playbook? What we charge and how we justify it? Absolutely.

The class is designed just for contractors. We certainly don’t teach stuffing estimates or doing anything unscrupulous. We do, however, focus on profitability.

When using Xactimate, we focus on efficiency first. How to increase your speed with the program, both in sketch and when inputting line items.

We go over line item justification specific to mitigation. We answer questions such as: why do we use certain line items? When should we use certain line items? We also answer estimating questions that most estimators are asking.

After that, we focus on the estimating process that starts with the tech. This includes what the pre-inspection meeting, photos and sketch has to do with profits and how we can make these items easier. After that, we give tips on negotiating through your estimate.


So which should you do?

water mitigation estimating class


The real question is how do you learn best?

Some can simply watch the Estimating Pro videos and get what they need to get started. If you are one of those people, I would suggest coming to class after watching the videos if you’d like to get an in depth look at what line items to use for profitable estimates.

If you are just starting out, definitely watch the Estimate Pro Series before coming to class. We can bundle Reets TV and the class for a sizable discount. 

Email rebekah@reets.tv and request more info.

If you already know the basics, then come to class and get an advanced look at justification, frequently missed line items and our negotiating process.

This class will more than pay for itself many times over. Just by learning 1 tip that saves time, 1 line item that you can add to your average dollar sale or 1 tip to get an estimate paid regularly, it will benefit your company for as long as you apply the advice. This has equaled hundreds of thousands of dollars for the many contractors who have come in the past. Don’t miss out! 

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Written by: Nick Sharp

Nick Sharp has worked with Jeremy Reets for over a decade now. He started in carpet cleaning and mitigation before moving to the construction side as a project manager. He then was the senior estimator for Champion Construction for over 8 years. Since its inception in 2015, Nick has been an instructor of our Restoration Estimating & Negotiating course. His most recent venture is as a restoration estimate consultant. Nick is an Xactware Certified Trainer and is also has his Level 3 Certifications in Xact 28 and X1. He’s a bad boy on that sketch but better at finding lost money!


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