Who Are We? The Reets Drying Academy Team


Who is Reets Drying Academy?


The goal here at Reets Drying Academy is to provide the most professional, cutting edge and well rounded training available in the industry.

Reets Drying Academy - Who are we?


Our Team is currently made up of:

Meredith Truitt – Hands On Courses Training Advisor

Rebekah Beilen – Online Training Advisor

Mae Fox – Online Presence and Marketing Advisor

Cody Fox – Videographer/ Visual Media

Crystal Adorno- Videographer

Greg Ahlstrom – Accountant

Brianna Shrout and Jenna Howe – Hospitality Coordinators

Our Instructors:

Joe Dobbins: IICRC Instructor

Nick Sharp: Estimating and Negotiating Instructor

Matt Light: Crawl Space Encapsulation Instructor

David Hodge: IICRC Instructor

and of course, last but not least…

Jeremy Reets – Owner and Amazing Content Generator


Jeremy Reets has been in the Water Restoration Industry for over 25 years. 20+ of those years have been running his own fully operated Restoration Company. Jeremy has been doing all of this while supporting our industry as an IICRC Instructor, Consultant, Innovator (Inventor of TES and ETES as well as the principle of Evaporation Potential), and Mentor. He even still enjoys going out on the occasional job and helping when there is abundance of work from a storm or major flooding situation.


Come meet everyone in person here in Sharpsburg.


Our team has been built piece by piece to ensure the highest quality of care and content. Whether you are coming for a training class or viewing our online training we want you to have the best experience possible.

Look forward to what is coming next for us!


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