Why Choose Reets Drying Academy?

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Reets Drying Academy (RDA), the best restoration school in the world (your words, not ours) has multiple classes that are essential to helping the success of your disaster restoration company! Check out some reasons why you don’t want to miss them!

# 1: A Well-Rounded Education

An RDA course will train your guys about the science, techniques and most current equipment on the market. But if you still have old-school equipment, the principles will allow you to effectively use those as well.

Proper PPE usage and other materials best for the situation will also be discussed. You’ll use revolutionary equipment including the famed ETES units. The innovator of this equipment, Jeremy Reets, has helped to develop this exciting curriculum with the help of a stellar staff.

Also, you’ll be a part of the most innovative training in this industry!!! Innovative in what way? We mix video training with hands on training and interactive quizzes. This is the way we learn now. The days of straight lecture and PowerPoint are done. This allows for more hands on time in the flood house and the Drying Lab. It allows us to use the speaking portion to discuss Profitable Activities as well. This class is designed to focus on application points so the students leave with the confidence and knowledge to do a mit job, not just pass a test.

OSHA compliance program
Xactimate 28 vs. X1

#2: Top Notch Instructors

All RDA instructors have years of knowledge gained through formal education as well as application in the field. This ensures you’re provided with a higher quality class because in addition to classroom theory, you’ll get the benefit of receiving an education based on real world experience. You can be confident the questions you ask will be answered in an accurate and satisfactory manner because they’ve pretty much seen it all in this industry.

Check out the staff and instructors here

#3: Hands-on Experience

There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty to break up the classroom monotony and to yield immediate results from classroom instruction.   RDA extends this great opportunity as a part of your classroom experience through the use of a state-of-the-art flood house that is located on-site at the in-person classroom location.

The flood house is constructed in the back of the facility from a wide variety of building materials used around the country. It also has comes equipped with a crawl space that has a bonafide Georgia red clay dirt floor.  But don’t worry, you won’t have to crawl on your elbows and belly.  It has been constructed for easy access so you’ll have plenty of room to set up drying equipment or encapsulate.

It is prepared for any class you may attend, whether it’s for water, fire, in person estimating or trauma training.

OSHA Written Plans

#4: Learn Proper Documentation

Let’s face it: You’re not investing money in education just for the fun of it. It’s to help you make more money from your disaster restoration business.  One of the key elements in making this happen is proper documentation.  You can have all the knowledge for a mitigation job but if you aren’t documenting it properly for submission, you’re only making enough money for payroll and utility bills.  Documenting and justifying your work is how all that hard work turns into real profit. Receive the documents Jeremy’s company has used for many years to properly and efficiently document a project. Learn how to take readings but also where to take readings. Trust me…. that is extremely valuable information!

#5: Learn All of the Best Methods Available

RDA constantly adapts in order to adhere to the cleaning and restoration industry standard on all levels. This is also reflected in the instruction. Come learn the best methods for many aspects of mitigation and restoration including: Extraction, Air Changes, Microbiology, Dehumidification, Directed Heat Drying, Psychrometrics, Open & Closed Drying Systems, Wood Floor Drying, Wall Drying, Crawlspace Drying, Containment, Negative and Positive Air, Advanced Drying Techniques, Calculations that affect drying, Moisture Readings, Documentation, PPE, Structure Cleaning, Xactimate line itemization, Profitable Activities and so much more!

#6: An IICRC Exam

You don’t have to wait between finishing the course and taking the exam.  The IICRC exam that corresponds to your course will be administered upon completion of your class, unless you take one of our IICRC livestream courses. Then the test is proctored on when you’re ready. If you’re in-person, all of the paperwork to make that happen is taken care of ahead of time by the dynamic RDA team. They will also make sure that you have the right prerequisites for any class that requires one before you book. For instance, WRT completion is needed before taking the ASD exam. So, by the time you arrive for the course, all you’ll need to do is relax and concentrate on recalling all that fine knowledge you learned in order to get your certification.

Already finished your IICRC test and awaiting results? Click here and talk to the chat box. 

Note: You’ll need to press customer service and “Chat With Us”

#7: Traveling Ease

RDA is located near the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (ATL). There are more flights to and from Atlanta than to any other city.  You can find one every hour on the hour to accommodate differing time zones and any lodging arrangements.  That also means that there is a likelihood of there being an affordable flight when you plan to come here.

Did you miss your workout because of traveling? Atlanta’s airport is so big that you can easily get in all your steps just by walking between the terminals instead riding the train. There are also moving walkways just in case you want to walk but need to expedite things. Bonus!

Airport transportation is easy to navigate. The RDA team will be happy to help with the best way to get to our training facility for each day of the courses.  Because Atlanta is centrally located in the Southeast, it makes it a convenient location for any local restoration companies that book courses. The facility is on a road only a few miles from an exit ramp.


#8: See What Success Looks Like

The Reets Drying Academy facility is located on the grounds of Champion Cleaning Systems, Inc. a multi- million dollar restoration company.  If they happen to leave the warehouse doors open, take advantage of sneaking a peek at a fleet of professional vehicles (if they aren’t out saving the day on jobs, of course), an organized warehouse full of the most efficient and well maintained restoration equipment; and a sharp looking, hardworking, certified staff of technicians, managers and owners that keep the machine running and the money flowing.   This is how a successful restoration company is operated.

#9: Great Accommodations

While here, you can experience peace and serenity while studying/cramming for your test. Take a look at the accommodations page. There you’ll find a few places you can stay. For the foodies, plan on talking to the RDA crew to get all the good spots to eat. 

Hotels are great and there are also a great variety of local housing through Airbnb or VRBO to fit your needs. Two of the housing possibilities, located closest to the RDA facility, are situated on a small, private lake with pool and lake access to help you relax after a full day of learning.

Click on one of the buttons below to see the available Airbnb properties.

#10: Southern Hospitality, Y’all

Let RDA spoil you every single day with hearty meals from local restaurants, freshly baked goods, a coffee station, a fridge full of cold drinks and a variety of snacks that are sure to fill your specific dietary needs.

Do you have allergies or dietary restrictions due to a health issue? Just let the amazing RDA staff know when you are booking your course or on the first day of class and they will do their best to accommodate, if possible.

Bask in the warmth of a Southern accent from native speakers and don’t be rude… wave back when a stranger waves at you. It’s the Southern way. Hope to see y’all real soon!

Click here for the course calendar currently available through Reets Drying Academy


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