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Why Reets Drying Systems?

[page_title]Why Reets Drying Systems?[/page_title]

Our Instructors
These guys have years of experience working in the field. That means you will gain from their real-life experience, not just theory written in a book.

Our Resources
We have awesome forms, marketing materials, process flows and calculators that will help you jumpstart a new business or improve your existing one. Again, we have been in the restoration business for years and we are sharing our best stuff with you as a thank you for choosing us.

Our Courses
We advance the science of drying. After introducing vapor pressure differentials, Evaporation Potential, Directed Heat Drying, TES, ETES and a host of innovative drying processes to the industry how do we better our best? Come to our courses and stay on the cutting edge.

Your Comfort
Check out our seats. I’m serious. These things are comfortable. We also have a coffee bar, awesome lunches, big screens and all the snacks you can eat.

NO Equipment Sales
Go anywhere that sells or manufactures equipment and you just overpaid for a sales pitch. What a ripoff! We don’t sell or manufacture any equipment. If you need we can help you to choose the right equipment for your company because we don’t have to worry about margins or brand. We just tell you what works best for you! We think that’s pretty cool.

Our Staff
Frankly our people are just nicer than the rest. Don’t believe us? Test us out. Call us. Here’s our number 770-712-7293. Seriously, call us right now. You’ll see the difference. We guarantee it!

Why Y’all?

Hey, this is the South.  We got “y’all” put in the dictionary.  We’re going to use it!

Why Reets Drying Academy?
The wealth of restoration knowledge that Jeremy has acquired as well as the motivation behind the establishing of Reets Drying Academy all began in 1988 when Jeremy got his first IICRC certification. From there he was hooked.
In 2002 Jeremy started doing research on water damage restoration and how drying took place. What he found was that the jobs he was working on were not drying the way he was taught that they would in the water restoration classes that he had taken. He spent years doing independent drying research and produced some pretty amazing results.
From that research he developed Evaporation Potential, a formula that shows how evaporation takes place. For the first time our industry started discussing vapor pressure differentials because of this research that he had done. Today vapor pressure differentials come up in just about every water restoration discussion. This research made a huge impact on our industry and it’s been a huge help to restorers and instructors all over the country.

Hands-On Water Restoration Training

If you need hands on courses and IICRC certification, this is the place to be.
The large spacious classroom and one of a kind flood house make it easy to focus on education.
The facility is conveniently located only 25 minutes from Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, the busiest airport in the world.
All of the instructors have years of in-field experience in the restoration industry.
You get real answers from the applied knowledge of true restoration professionals.

Reets Drying Academy is respected throughout the industry for sharing state of the art drying science and process with its students. Come see why professionals industry wide are choosing Reets Drying Academy as their training provider.

Online Training
In 2011, Jeremy developed Reets.TV, an online water restoration training system that you can use to conveniently educate your staff based on their needs.
This is one of Jeremy’s passions. He has invested several hundred hours into creating the largest library of information on water restoration of its kind! It covers water restoration categories such as customer service, science, processes, fundamentals, and profitability.
You can bring this training in-house and assign courses to your staff specific to their needs. We can even brand your training system with your logos and you can design and add custom training programs that only your staff can see. This is truly the most relevant and powerful training system available in our industry and it can be yours.


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