X1 vs Xactimate 28: What are the differences?

We wanted to remind you that Xactimate is ending support for Xactimate 28 on July 31st. They’re also ending the life of Xactimate 28 on December 1st.

So maybe you’re thinking of making the move over to X1. If so, I have good news and bad news.

Bad news first: The program is horrible. It’s garbage….

I’m just joking! But maybe that’s what you’ve heard on social media.

The good news: Fear not, the changes really aren’t that bad.

For example, when you’re sketching, it’s actually a little less glitchy. All of your shortcuts are pretty much the same with just one or two differences when you’re inputting line items. It’s pretty much the exact same.

No problems there.


So what are the differences between Xactimate 28 and X1?

Well, in the main interface, there are a few differences:

  • We’re used to having our toolbar at the top. And now it’s to the left.
  • You will have to get used to the differences between a local estimate and a cloud estimate.
  • And also, if you’re changing or adjusting your prices, it’s a little bit different doing that as well.


But to counteract all of these things, we’re making a change to our Reets TV Estimating Pro series. So we’ll be sure to update you when all of those changes are done.

See what the self-paced training series, Reets TV Estimating Pro, is like. Get a free trial here!

Once again, if you’re making the change, fear not, everything will be okay.


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