1.  Reserve a room now.

We have houses for rent and hotels we recommend in the area. Click the links to find out availability and pricing.

Hotel Recommendation:

Hampton Inn Newnan
50 Hampton Way
Newnan, GA 30265


2.  Book a Flight 
If you need a flight to get to class, fly into the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport (ATL).  Fly in the day before the class starts. The airport is about 30-40 minutes away from our location depending on traffic.

  • If you fly out the last day of class, it is best to get a flight after 6:30 PM if you are taking an IICRC Certification course.
  • For our Estimating course, you can fly out after 5:30.

Check flights where you normally would or click this link to check Google Flights.

3.  Rent a car (if you booked a flight)

If you are flying to Atlanta, the best way to get to Reets Drying Academy each day is to rent a car.  Taxis and Uber are not common here and are difficult to find especially at the times needed.  Click this link to look for a rental on Kayak.

Extra Class Details When Coming To Visit

Time – Arrive for the first day of class at 7:30 am for registration.  Class will start at 8:00 am and the last day of each class will start at 7:00 am so that class will end earlier for travel.

Address – The address for our training facility is: 3010 Poplar Rd Sharpsburg, GA 30277.

Dress – Work clothes.  We work in the flood house in our hands on drying courses.  Water resistant shoes are recommended.

Tools – No tools are needed.  You are welcome to bring your own meters if you wish, however, we will provide everything that is needed for class.

Computer – You don’t need to bring a computer for hands-on courses.  For our estimating course we recommend you bring a computer with your estimating software if you write estimates, however it is not required.

IICRC Test Fees – Reets Drying Academy does not collect test fees.  Those are paid directly to IICRC when the test is administered.  Bring a check or credit card for each test.  Test fees are as follows: WRT/ ASD $160; ASD only $80; AMRT $150; WRT only $80.