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What Is An IICRC WRT Certification?

If you’re thinking of starting a water damage restoration business, chances are you’ve heard the words IICRC and WRT certification once or twice. In today’s video we’ll answer: What is the IICRC? What are the benefits of getting IICRC certified? What is a WRT certification? Where can I get IICRC certified? (Hint, hint… come to […]

Reets TV Referral Program

Reets TV Referral Program

Are you a current Reets TV subscriber? Want a chance to get your next renewal for free? Check out our new Reets TV Referral program! Here’s how it works: Tell a friend about Reets TV! When they purchase a Reets TV Water Restoration Pro subscription or an entire Reets TV Library subscription (Water, Mold, and […]

How to Create Consistency Within Your Company

Let’s be honest. Inconsistency is bad news in all scenarios.  Inconsistent relationships Inconsistent internet connection Inconsistent customer service Inconsistent weather Inconsistent traffic To these we say: So if we hate inconsistency in so many aspects of our life, why do we allow it within ourselves? Within our businesses?  Because being consistent is DIFFICULT. In the restoration […]

estimating technology

Estimating Technology: What’s Out There? What Should I Consider Before Choosing?

There’s a lot of new technology out there when it comes to estimating. Are you thinking of using the new technology available? What new tech is there? And what are some things to consider before incorporating them into your business? In today’s blog post, we’ll touch on 3 types of new technology available for estimators: […]

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3 Ways Reets TV Streaming Can Save You Money AND Time

1. Weed out the quitters Stop wasting precious time and money on new technicians that don’t stay! Reets TV Streaming provides reliable, IICRC standard training, available at any time and virtually on any device. From Day 1, you can train all new techs and build a solid foundation with Reets TV Streaming. As they progress […]


5 Things To Look For When Hiring An Estimator

Good help is hard to find in this industry. Don’t worry, you’re probably a great worker or owner. Yet, turnover is still an industry wide issue, even with estimators. So what are some things to look for in finding an estimator? First, what makes a good estimator? Is it knowing Xactimate or the pricing software […]

August Xactimate

August Xactimate Price List Changes

This month, 2 changes were made to the Xactimate prices list that you will want to note: WTRCABLDS and WTRCABLDSA. (Can you guess what these line items are just based on the Xact code? If you need help learning how to speak the “language of line items”, check out our Estimating and Negotiating Class!) These […]


Did You Know These Line Items Existed? or Are You Missing These Line Items?

Did you know there are over 27,000 Xactimate codes and counting? Each month Xactimate adds more line items to the price lists. When estimating water restoration in Xactimate, we normally are dealing with WTR, HMR, CLN, CON and DMO. We may dabble a bit in PLM, FEE, TMP, CAB and a few others occasionally. Often […]

grow your investment

Here’s Why Education Is Important

Did you know that your technicians have something in common with a mitigation truck? Follow me on this one. Let’s say you purchase a mitigation truck. Why do you purchase that mitigation truck? You purchase it because you know that it will be valuable asset to your company and you know that you will receive a return […]

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Free eBook: 5 Tips for More Profitable Estimates

Are you: Struggling to get paid on your restoration estimates? Struggling with negotiating with adjusters? Here’s a free eBook with 5 great tips that will help you stop struggling and help you get paid for the work you’ve done!