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Social Distancing Doesn’t Necessarily Equal Work Stoppage

Can We Use Social Distancing To Improve Efficiency and Profitability Social distancing…. words a few short weeks ago we wouldn’t have put together. But here we are! Social distancing is a very real issue, even for our industry. So how will we use this time? If jobs slow, how will you keep techs busy and […]

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Scope of Work: Small Changes Make A Big Impact

When writing estimates, there are only a few things that make up the final price. Your sketch/measurements, your scope of work and your unit pricing. Each one affects your profitability differently. Let’s start our discussion with the scope of work. For many, that is what you get the most push back on when dealing with […]

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Not Knowing Your s500 Is Costing You Money

Everyone in your company should read and know the s500. Why? Because that is how we establish proper standard operating procedures. Each time the s500 is updated, we should be looking over it and learning the changes. It is imperative the techs know the standards to make sure your company is performing up to the […]

HMR Line Items on Cat 3 Claims Justified?

In order to know what a line item includes and if we are using it correctly, we need to learn how to really dig into the line items. What are we digging for? Treasure!!! That buried treasure is the company’s profits. The more you dig, the more treasure you will find. So let’s start on […]

Common Mistake: The Perfect Estimator

Are you an estimator that knows it all? Seems that should be a good thing. Nope! Not many people know it all! I know I don’t…… from what I’m told. There is always more to learn! And in mitigation the stakes are very high. Just making minor changes in your scope of work have huge […]

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Common Mistake: Adding Fluff Into Your Estimate

“We add items to the estimate that we know are going to get kicked out to give the adjuster something to do.” Do you do this? It’s something I have heard a lot over the years. It seems like a good strategy. They are called adjusters right? It’s in their job title. But do you […]

Being Balanced With Macros in Xactimate

Last post, I talked about the correct amount of justification. Along that train of thought, let’s talk about using macros. In short, a macro is provides Xactimate users an efficient way to replicate repetitive tasks. As such, while estimating mitigation claims using macros is a given. If you aren’t utilizing this tool, you are doing […]

Are You Using the Correct Amount of Justification?

I often hear: “We absolutely PACK our estimates with F9 notes.” Now, that can be a good thing. But it can also be a bad thing. Why? Let’s take a small detour and briefly talk about the s500. Have you read the IICRC s500 from cover to cover? It’s understood that everyone should read it […]

Are You Including Ceilings In Your Sketches?

“We don’t ever sketch anything.” “We don’t change the ceilings in our sketch.”  Have you ever said these things before? Many people have. Why put forth the effort to accurately sketch a property, including all offsets and ceilings, and present it to the adjuster when tons of other contractors get paid without giving this information? Besides, adjusters […]

Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Reets Drying Academy But Were Too Afraid to Ask

How qualified are the instructors? In short, EXTREMELY.  Check ’em, out! Jeremy Reets  is the founder of Reets Drying Academy. He is the innovator of the TES/ETES drying systems, the innovator a discipline of drying called Directed Heat Drying™, developer of the Evaporation Potential formula for use by restorers. He is recognized by the IICRC as Master Water […]