Cancellation Policy

Cancellation/Change policy: If you cancel or change course dates 22 business days or more before class date a $250 cancellation/change fee applies per student.   If you cancel/change within 21 business days of class, no refund will be given. Cancellation/Change fees are non-negotiable.   

Cancellation Policy for all Reets TV subscriptions and renewals: In order to receive a full refund on a renewal fee, subscribers must contact us and request a refund at rebekah@reets.tv or 770-712-7293 within 1 business day from the charge. 2-7 days after the charge,  there will be a processing charge of $250 applied. Over 7 days, no refund will be issued.

Reets Drying Systems, LLC occasionally collects testimonials and comments and photographs students engaged in the activities of the training academy. These may be published in advertisement or marketing literature including, but not limited to newspapers, brochures, magazines, slideshows and our website. Registration indicates permission to be quoted or photographed.By registration or attendance at Reets Drying Systems, LLC events, all registrants and/or attendees agree to indemnify and hold harmless Reets Drying Systems, LLC, it’s controlling persons, Officers, Instructors, Employees and their successors from any and all personal injury and property damage claims and resulting judgments and expenses made by or on behalf of the registrant.