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Here’s Why Education Is Important

Did you know that your technicians have something in common with a mitigation truck? Follow me on this one. Let’s say you purchase a mitigation truck. Why do you purchase that mitigation truck? You purchase it because you know that it will be valuable asset to your company and you know that you will receive a return on investment with it.

But after purchasing it, are you done spending and investing in it? Would you never take it to get an oil change? Would you never get new tires? We hope not! Soon enough, if you don’t maintain it,  your investment would become a company liability and a huge loss of investment.

The same goes for your technicians. Your technicians are a valuable asset to your company. You’ve most likely invested quite a bit in hiring them and sending them to certification courses. One statistic states that the average cost to hire a new employee is $4,000!  Thats a huge investment! But just like a mitigation truck, technicians need “maintenance” as well. Over time, their training needs to be reinforced and they may need a refresh on their training.

The lesson? Don’t forget that your technicians are a valuable asset to your company. Continue to invest time into training them to maintain good work ethic, productivity, and proper practice in the field. At Reets Drying Academy, we’ve created a convenient, easy online training program designed specifically to help you do so! Learn about it below!