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How to Hire a Winner

How do i find and hire the right person?

A critical function to every small business is hiring the right people.

This subject is on every small business owners mind, or should i just say business owners mind too. Hiring the right person who is a good worker and someone who will stay with you is no small fete. Employee turnover rate is higher than ever, and trying to find someone who wants to work is even harder.

We need to think less about the psychology of it and just focus on the need to be able to find people so we can interview them.

Number one thing Jeremy has found to help find a quality worker is to hire in network. Ask your staff and friends for referrals, people they may know or friends they may have looking for work. Making sure anyone you are interviewing, that you have some sort of connection to them will help.

Another important factor is interviewing. You may only have a coupe people in your company so your interviewing skills may not be as good as you would like them to be. That will affect your ability to ask the right questions during the interview process. Asking questions that are going to have a direct impact on their work ability, maybe a ride to work, or something to that nature is very important. Take into account their answers so you can find where best their skills can be used in your company.

To increase your interviewing skills practice while you are talking to people. Practice in your everyday conversations. Ask questions that will help you determine questions that get you answers you need to know that are important to your business and the hiring process. Practicing this allows you to start identifying key traits to helps you when interviewing potential employees. Knowing the right questions to ask and how to identify the best place for them in your company is the keys to success in the hiring process.

Hiring a winner makes you more money and in turn you really become the one that wins.


Watch Jeremy Reets explain it to you: HERE