3 Tips For Getting Your Employees Excited About Training


Is it a challenge to get your team excited about training in any form?


Training can sometimes be low on the priority list for your employees.  There are many reasons for this, but it could be partially the fault of management or the owner. How is that? Sometimes an owner or manager could do better at selling the idea of training to their employees. How can that be done? 


1. Let Your Employees Know How They Will Benefit


Sometimes an employee needs to be shown all the ways training can benefit them. For instance, it might save them time in the long run, it might further their career, or you could attach monetary incentives to the training they accomplish. Doing that with online training is a great step. Help them realize that training online will be convenient for them, they can do it anywhere, they can go at their own pace and so forth.


2. Involve Management


Why not get your management involved? Get their input, and have them be the cheerleaders for online training. Doing this will promote a culture of learning within your company. If they take the lead in setting training as a priority, your employees are more likely to also see it as a priority. 


3. Give Your Employees Recognition


Everyone wants to be recognized for their accomplishments. Do that with your employee’s educational accomplishments. You could reward your employee in some way, make a certificate for them and place it somewhere public, mention them at your company meeting, or you could share their achievements through a company newsletter. Our online training system makes it easy to see a user’s progress. Why not create a friendly competition out of that? 

The whole process of training is made much easier with the online training we offer. We use an entire Learning Management System where you can access well over a hundred training videos, documents, and exams. Use it to your advance to educate your entire team. We’ve made it easy for you. The easiest way is going to be the most effective way.


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Written by: Cody Fox

Cody has been on the team for many years now. He works with marketing but is mainly known for his skills with the camera. Cody has directed, produced and edited many of the ads, videos and quick tips Reets Drying Academy is known for. 


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