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Apply Anti-Microbial? Then you need this form.

Jeremy Reets recommends applying an anti-microbial to all of your Water Restoration projects but are you aware that you need to use a Right-To-Know document.

A Right-To-Know document simply tells the customer a little bit about what you will be putting in their home. It gives the customer the right to say yes or no. And also gives them the information they need to make that decision.

If you don’t have a Right-To-Know document we will provide one for you. This will allow you to follow the standards set in the S500 about using a Right-To-Know document on every job that you apply anti-microbial on.

Jeremy’s preferred Anti-Microbial is Benefect. Click for more info!

Click HERE for the Form.

Watch Jeremy Reets explain it himself in the video below!