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Meeting The Customers Needs – Part Two

Continuing our discussion on meeting the needs of our customers let’s talk about:

Confidence and Comfort


Why is confidence important?

The customer has fears their property will never be the same or that you may not be the right person.

When determining the right amount of confidence to have on a job remember not to go to extremes. Never become too pushy or bossy. This will cause the customer to become irritated. This is their home and they want to feel in control in a sense of what may be happening in it. Avoiding the other extreme would be to make yourself seem indecisive or as if we do not know what we are doing. Instead, ask questions and listen to what the customer wants or needs and thence accordingly. When making your restoration plan include some options in there for the customer. Explaining what the plan is and why you would be making those decisions, even asking them, how does that sound? Involving the customer in the steps necessary to restore their home will show your confidence and restore their confidence in you.


Two main things that will affect the customers comfort in their home during the restoration process is the temperature of the house and also the noise caused by the demo and drying equipment being used.

Warmer temperatures for us is better to speed up the drying process but may not be better for the customer. Explaining to the customer that the dry time will be extended based on the temperature and asking them what a comfortable temperature for them will be. After discussing the temperature with the customer make sure you are communicating back with the adjuster what the customers needs are and letting them know that drying time may be extended because of the temperature the customer required.

Noise level of all of the equipment will affect the customers needs. Consider this when choosing maybe a laminar instead of an axial in the living area or maybe in their bedroom. Doing the best you can and explaining the reasons for needing the equipment to stay on all night to speed up the drying process so you can finish as quickly as possible.

Talking with the customer first and explaining the temperature and noise level will help avoid when you come back to the property and the temperature has been turned way down and the drying equipment has been turned off. Apologize in advance and do your best at meeting the needs of your customer.

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