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Before entering this industry, many never even knew it existed! New technicians need to learn what happens during a water damage, how to perform remediation work and proper effects and techniques for drying structures. It is imperative that they learn these procedures in order to maintain a good community reputation, as well as ensure the health and safety of  customers and employees.

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Because we’re the best! Well, maybe  that’s subjective. But first, hear us out! First, let’s talk about the instructors. After all, you’re going to spend a majority of your time here with them! First up, is  the owner and instructor, Jeremy Reets. Described as an “OG of drying,” he is known as the innovator of the TES Drying System and is known for developing the Evaporation Potential formula that is used by many restorers today. As an instructor, Jeremy’s laid-back, down-to-earth personality is combined with his experience both in the field and in running a successful restoration business. He strives to teach the principles of drying and how it affects a company’s bottom line.

Next, the great Joe Dobbins aka “The Godfather of Drying”. Joe has over 30 years in the cleaning and restoration industry. He is a Master Textile Cleaner, Master Smoke Restorer, Master Water Restorer and Senior Carpet Inspector. He also has been awarded with the 2013 IICRC Instructor of the Year, 2014 IICRC Instructor of the Year, 2015 IICRC Ironman Award, 2016 Instructor of the Year and 2017 Instructor of the Year. What does that mean? It means, he’s awesome! On top of  that, he is an energetic instructor that loves teaching and loves drying! A great combination!

Not to be outdone is David Hodge. David is a triple Master with the IICRC and has a background in estimating, operations and mold removal. David serves as Vice-Chair of the Education Committee for the IICRC and Vice-Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee for both the Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician and the upcoming Contents Processing Technician course, and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the IICRC. Not only that, his background as a firefighter and EMT makes him an excellent candidate to discuss fire loss and cleaning. He is a knowledgeable and hilarious instructor considered to be one of the best instructors in the industry.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jesus Medina. Jesus is one of the first Spanish-speaking IICRC certified instructors! Jesus’ first language is Spanish and has worked in remediation for over 13 years. He is an excellent teacher and will be working to train your  technicians whose first language is Spanish, on the basics of drying.

Another reason to choose Reets Drying Academy? The facility and the staff! On campus, we have a true-to-life flood house. This means students can learn how to handle real water and fire damage scenarios.  These are real scenarios that will leave an impression on the students. Also, enjoy the southern hospitality and networking while you’re here.

There are so many more reasons to get IICRC certified here at Reets Drying Academy. We look forward to meeting you and showing you why we are the BEST TRAINING FACILITY AROUND!