More Money, More Confidence


Don’t You Want Money and More Confidence?!?!


For some, pushback from adjusters comes regularly. It’s tiring, time-consuming and breaks down our confidence. Many loose the will to fight and may even stop charging for services we are offered because we have given up on trying to get paid on that specific line item. Losing our confidence on the job is un-motivating and frankly, makes for an awful work day.

Why not get it back!

Having the necessary tools and confidence to justify the estimate and negotiate with the adjuster is just what you need.

But… maybe you feel you have all the necessary training and the years of experience so why would you need anymore training on this matter?


You can never have enough training!


Training makes us better! We will never know everything about anything. Why not hear from others in the same boat as you. Learn the difficulties they are having and share yours as well. Learning from your peers allows you to hear from others perspectives on the matters and also how they deal with those same things you see daily. Camaraderie in this industry is a must, something we have lost and need to get back.

Come join Jeremy Reets and Nick Sharp discuss this tried and true 8 Step Process of Estimating and Negotiating.


8 Step Processes Include:

  1. Pre-Insepction Meeting
  2. Pictures and Notes
  3. Sketch
  4. (If Necessary) Present Options
  5. Scope
  6. Write the Estimate
  7. Estimate and Review
  8. Negotiation


Watch Jeremy Reets explain to you about the Restoration Estimating and Negotiating Class here!




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