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Quick Tip with Jeremy Reets – Tech Down Time

I hate down time for my technicians. It seems so unproductive and technicians are just sitting around and accomplishing absolutely nothing. When you are in the emergency service business you have to prepare for down time. We know its going to happen its just a matter of when.

So, if we know that it is going to happen why not turn down time into productive time.

Well you might ask how?

You can do this by eliminating any tasks that do not have deliverables or tasks that do not have a time table associated with them.

For instance, tasks such as go wash the trucks or go clean some air movers. These tasks have no time table or deliverable. A technician could literally spend all day cleaning one air mover and say, “well i did what you asked.” Um no!


Take those common assignments that you are going to have during that down time and make a list of everything and add a small description of what is needing to be accomplished and the time that the task should take to be completed.

Then when you have technicians that have some down time, let’s say you have two technicians with 4 hours of down time, you can take and assign them the right number of tasks allotted for the right amount of down time.

Taking the time to write down the tasks that need to be completed as well as the description and amount of time to be completed might take a few minutes but should eliminate that meaningless down time that your technicians are standing there talking, or on their phones, or spending too much time on one specific task.

Turn down time into productive time.

Watch Jeremy Reets explain it to you in the video below!!