Restoration Quick Tip From Jeremy Reets – Are Photos Important for Your Estimate?

Are Photos Important for Your Estimate?

The question we may ask ourselves is: Are photos important to include in our estimates?

Yes! Yes they are. Getting the right photos on our mitigation jobs is key for providing an accurate estimate. Making sure you are taking the right pictures is what will make sure you get paid for all the work you are doing.

There is three things that photos add to an estimate:

  1. Photos help the estimator to see what is being done.

    With an accurate estimate supported by photos the estimator will be able to see the services the technician might have missed on the mitigation job or the services that the technician provided and missed adding to the scope sheet.

  2. Photos help justify the services that were provided.  

    If you are billing for 12 air movers you need to make sure your photos are showing just that, justifying what you are billing for and with pictures as proof.

  3. Photos help tell the story.  

    Whether to the homeowner or to the adjuster you can show them the services that were provided through accurate pictures telling a story of the job from the start to finish.

Accurately providing these photos for your next water restoration estimate is essential to your success. Making sure you are getting paid for all the services you are rendering and you can do it by taking photos for your estimate.

Watch the full video HERE.

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