You’re Just 1 Click Away From Having your Most Profitable Year!

“Adjusters, third party administrators and everyone else attempt to push us around. We’ve gone through that too. We got over it though. Not making enough money on your mitigation bills? Been there… done that. Our mitigation company is now one of the most profitable contractors in our area. Having trouble being profitable due to Xactimate? We have multiple ways to help!”

Attend the University of Profit Development!

Come to class and learn how to use Xactimate from Nick Sharp, our Xactimate Certified Trainer. We will go into detail with just the mitigation (WTR, HMR, CLN) line items. Speak about when to use what line item and how you justify them. Learn the process of getting an easily negotiated estimate, from the tech right down to the estimator. Practice how to negotiate with a stingy adjuster before even giving them your estimate. Learn how all of this plays a part in creating then raising your average dollar sale significantly and making the most profitable estimates possible!

Who should attend this class? Business owners, we will discuss processes that affect your company’s day-to-day activities. If you are the one that will enact these changes, then you should attend. If that would be your General Manager or Mitigation Manager, then they should attend with you. What about Estimators? Isn’t this an estimating class? The first 2 days of the combo class will teach Xactimate specifically for mitigation. This is for intermediate to advanced users. We will go over specifics of Claim Info and Sketch tabs. More importantly, we will examine the commonly used and commonly forgotten mitigation line items. We also will speak about justifying those legitimate charges to an adjuster using the info Xactware provides. Learn all the tips and tricks of profitable estimates from an Xactware Certified Trainer! If you are a beginner and have never touched Xactimate before, we suggest working through our self-paced Xactimate training first. Find info for that program below.

“Get paid for the job you should do instead of the doing the job you think you’ll get paid for!”

Take the Best Online Estimating Course Around!

Want to learn Xactimate? Learn from the comfort of your office. Want to learn how to use the program to create estimates that increase your bottom line? Awesome. This training is for both basic learners who have never touched the program all the way up to advanced learners. We suggest taking this self-paced course before coming to our Estimating and Negotiating Course if you are a beginner. It will help you figure out what questions to ask when you get the opportunity to take the class. It will also clear up some basics so you aren’t overwhelmed when you get to class.

This series will make sure you don’t look like a rookie to adjusters. You will learn how to format a professional estimate, sketch like a boss, increase profitability and justify your estimates. Grab your popcorn and dive in.

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