Customer Relationships: Part 2

This is the second and final installment of our “Customer Relations,” series.  This week we will be covering the preferred method of communication and managing expectations.

customer appreciation

Preferred method of communication:

If you need me to do something for you, the best way to get a response is to send me a text message.

Leave me a voicemail and if you want to wait 3-4 weeks for a response, then go right ahead.  Send me an email and put your request in with 100 others I get a day!

I know I should tweet, but I hate it and I usually consider Facebook messages as spam. But if you want a response from me right a way… TEXT ME!

So what’s my point?  All of your customers have a preferred method of communication.  So while you have them on the phone at the initial contact ASK THEM what’s the to best way to communicate to them what’s going on.  A little communication courtesy goes a looooooong way!

Managing Expectations:

When it comes to managing your customer’s expectations, it is important to communicate upfront what you’re reasonably capable of performing.

Here are 4 things to help you minimize frustration by managing your customer’s expectations.

  1. Establish the guidelines of what can be expected for the duration of process. (Example: timelines, communication, objectives, etc.)
  2. Never make a promise you can’t or won’t keep! If you say it, then do it!
  3. Don’t throw everything out on the table right up front! Leave room to EXCEED expectations by not promising the world. Do what you said you would do and then if there is an opportunity to go above and beyond…TAKE IT!
  4. If you for see a problem on the job IMMEDIATELY COMMUNICATE what is going on! If you communicate it immediate to the customer with the BEFORE hand it is an explanation, if you wait until something goes wrong then it looks like an excuse!

Friendship based selling!

People do business with people they like! If people don’t like you they will find someone they do like and do business with them!

Customers remember and value personal experiences that show understanding and respect for their needs.  They key here is to have a good conversations and get your customers talking about themselves and what’s important to them.

Every good conversation starts with good listening.

By establishing good listening skills you can respond accordingly and convey your empathy, reliability, and assurance.  Always responding appropriately means that some customers do not like to joke around with you and that will be very apparent very quickly if you are listening.  But this doesn’t mean that you cannot build a friendship with them, you just need to focus on what is important to them.

It’s easy for us to build a relationship with someone that is outgoing and witty, but lets be honest here……. That’s not the norm!  But EVERYONE wants to be heard and valued.

Here’s your homework for today.

Have 5 GOOD QUALITY conversations.  DON’T solve a problem before one is given and listen really listen to what the person is saying to you. Respond accordingly.  Don’t have a relatable story for every thing, let the other person just talk!  Make it about them and not about you!

Practice makes perfect!

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