Get Amazing Testimonials: Part 1

You know that your company is great at what you do and you love to tell your potential customers how amazing you are. You get the job done, you stand out from the competition, and you genuinely care about your clients. The truth is, your clients already expect to hear that coming from you. Why wouldn’t you say those things? You want them to purchase your services. However, if one of a potential client’s family members or close friends tell them the same thing, or they hear about someone else’s amazing experience, now they are listening.

It is like having someone else give you a great introduction. The audience automatically feels more at ease because someone they are familiar with is vouching for you and that can inspire action which is exactly what you need.

Encouraging potential clients to utilize your services involves more than adding a testimonial or two to your website. One or two weak testimonials such as “they were great, we will use them again,” are worse than no testimonials at all. How can you get the best action inspiring testimonials? Reets Drying Academy has come up with the “Get Amazing Testimonials Series,” that will help you get those great introductions you deserve.

water damage restoration training testimonials

Learn How to Ask.

Just asking for a testimonial isn’t enough. You need to ask your client to tell their story. You don’t ever want to put your customer on the spot. Even though a client may have absolutely loved you and your services, they may feel uncomfortable in the spotlight or unsure of what to say. Help them feel more at easy by asking them questions to learn their story. Ask if you can take notes, record or even video their response to share with others. Some clients respond to the word feedback better than to the word testimonial.

Check back next week when we share the second tip in the series.

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