Drying a double layer fire break ceiling with ETes

This floor/ ceiling depending on which way you are looking is a cool challenge. It was a great opportunity for me to use ETes in an application that nothing else would work well in. Take a look at the pictures. I have pictures from below looking up at the ceiling and pictures looking down into the floor. This is about 6000 square feet. We are blowing heat into the floor on one side and allowing it to escape on the other. Running the length of the floor between the joists. We have double layer 5/8 fire rated ceiling board nailed to the bottom of the floor joists in this multiple level commercial property. Removing the ceiling was not an option because of the massive reconstruction that would be involved. It would have also required moving the tenant out for a more extended period of time. So we decided to dry the floor from above. It’s drying right now and is making good progress. The EP is only about 3.2, but definitely going to make this work. I used my iPhone app to do the calclulations. I love it! Download it for yourself. I put a blog on my site a couple days ago about this. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my webinar on February 1. I have info on the web site. Jeremy Reets


Modern Drying Process – Reducing Demo

During a residential Category 1 water intrusion, water flows under cabinets and wicks into the wall assembly behind them. In a commercial Category 1 water intrusion, water flows across the floor into a metal framed,

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Why Choose Reets Drying Academy?

Table of Contents Reets Drying Academy (RDA), the best restoration school in the world (your words, not ours) has multiple classes that are essential to helping the success of your disaster restoration company! Check out

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