Estimating With Jeremy on Your Side


The reason for developing the Estimating & Negotiating class was a personal reason for Jeremy. He was putting real people out in the field who have families and asking them to go out on nights, weekends, and holidays, working in good faith that they will be paid for the services they are rendering, but that is not always the case.

We know what we are doing technically is right, we get the job done, and we know how to get the estimate down on paper. However, there is a big difference between preparing an estimate and getting that estimate paid.

Jeremy Reets is one of the owners of Champion Cleaning. His parents started the business in 1970 and his brothers and he took it over. This class will show you the process that goes into the estimate, something Jeremy and Champion Cleaning have been working on perfecting for the last 25 years.

Providing relevant information was very important, because of that when Jeremy was putting this class together he decided to bring in Nick Sharp. Nick was the lead estimator at Champion. Now he works with Reets Drying as an instructor and consultant.

Nick tells us it is difficult because there are so many people who are involved in creating the estimate. Many times the estimators get the final blame, but the technician is the one out there taking the photos and making the sketches, and if that doesn’t happen then the estimator doesn’t have the information he needs to create an accurate estimate. However, we cannot expect the technician to get us the proper information it if they don’t know what the estimator really needs. The process involves everyone in the company to make an estimate that’s fair, accurate, profitable and justified because that is what is needed for an estimate that is going to get paid. Everyone says there is not one magic bullet to get everything paid, and there really isn’t. However, it is everything that goes into the estimate that gets it paid.

One of the things you will get from the class is proper documentation from photos. Everyone says we can take photos, but we have to be taking the exact photos the estimator needs every time. Another thing you will learn is documentation from the pre-inspection meeting and proper things to ask to make sure you can justify the estimate. It’s so critical to know the s500 and the references so we can justify our estimate every time. Jeremy’s 8 step process guide you through this and so much more.

Relying on professional judgment will not get you paid. So Jeremy went page by page through the S500 and made a reference guide that refers to all the things you will be putting into the estimate. This includes such things as antimicrobials or air scrubbers and when to use them to follow the standard of care. When the adjuster calls you, instead of giving an opinion you can quote the standard you were following and why.

The Restoration Estimating & Negotiating course pays you to attend. Don’t miss out! The sooner you come the more benefit you will start to see when you begin to implement our 8 step process into your next water restoration job. 

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