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Restoration Quick Tip from Jeremy Reets – Using An Answering Service

Using an Answering Service

Why would you use an answering service?

Jeremy reminds us of two reasons why you would want to use an answering service in your restoration business

  1. You do not want your technicians answering non-emergency calls after hours
  2. You do not want to miss emergency calls that come in after hours

When these calls are coming in they are so important to be on top of. When someone is in an emergency of a situation such as a water damage they need to know you are there for them and are going to do everything in your power to get it taken care of as fast as you can. There is so much stress involved for the homeowners in a water damage. The more you acknowledge their stress and assure them you are going to make it better as fast as you can you will win their service.

Jeremy uses an answering service in his Water Restoration business. He tells us what works best is not to have the answering service try and sell the call for you or answer any questions involving the water damage. They do not know how to answer their questions and could loose you their business. We want the answering service to determine whether or not the call is an emergency call and needs to be patched directly to an emergency service technician. That technician can then answer any questions the customer may have and then potentially sell the services provided. Taking that call and turning it into a project for your company.


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