Reets Drying Academy is located at 3010 Poplar Rd Sharpsburg, GA 30277. We are about 45 minutes south of the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport.


In order to get IICRC certified, you must attend an IICRC accredited course and then pass the IICRC exam related to the course you took.

If you need a flight to get to class, fly into the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport (ATL). Fly in the day before the class starts.

If you fly out the last day of class, it is best to get a flight after 6:30 PM if you are taking an IICRC Certification course.

For our Estimating course, you can fly out after 5:30.

Arrive for the first day of class at 7:30 AM for registration. Class will start at 8:00AM each day. For Livestream classes, times may be pushed back to 9 to accommodate other time zones. See class details on the confirmation email for direction.

We recommend work clothes. Students will work in the flood house during our hands-on drying courses. Water resistant shoes are recommended.

WRT/ASD: No tools are needed. You are welcome to bring your own meters, if you wish. However, we will provide everything that is needed for class. Since you will, at times be learning in the flood house, we recommend work appropriate clothing.

Estimating and Negotiating Combo: You will need to bring a laptop with Xactimate already downloaded on the laptop. You can download a free trial of Xactimate here if necessary.

You can also bring a tablet with Xactimate Mobile downloaded. Remember, you will need a token to use Xactimate Mobile on your tablet. (Note: the Microsoft Surface is considered a tablet, not a laptop.) Also, feel free to bring a laser measure or tape measure.

For Hands-On Courses (WRT/ASD): You do not need to bring a computer.

For Estimating and Negotiating and Estimating and Negotiating Plus Courses: We highly recommend you bring a laptop with Xactimate installed on it. We also recommend you bring a tablet, if at all possible, for use during Xactimate Mobile training offered in the Estimating and Negotiating Plus course.

IICRC test fees are paid directly to the IICRC when the tests are administered. Please bring a check or credit card for each test. Test fees are as follows:

WRT/ ASD $130
WRT only $65
ASD only $65
AMRT $150

Every 4 years, certified technicians are required to complete 14 continuing education credit (CEC) hours.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IICRC has allowed certain certifications to be obtained via Livestream (online). In line with the IICRC’s direction, we now offer the following courses via Livestream: WRT, TCST, HST, FSRT, OCT, and CDS. 

When your exam is graded and passed, the IICRC will mail you your certificate. If you have not received it yet, we recommend you call the IICRC directly and inquire about your certification 1-844-464-4272.