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Estimating Pro Series

Estimating Pro Series

How much time and profits are lost while training an estimator? If you’re self-trained, how can you increase efficiency and speed when creating estimates? Advanced users, how does Xacimate come up with their unit pricing and how can you affect pricing in your area? This series will answer all of the above questions and specifically guides you through mitigation estimating best practices. Learn to play to win the insurance game by becoming an estimating master! 

If you are an INTERMEDIATE user you’ll learn:

  • Advanced tricks and tips that will make estimating more efficient
  • How to examine the line items you use and how to justify them or find new line items you didn’t know were even there

If you are an ADVANCED user you’ll learn:

  • How Xactimate figures unit pricing
  • How you can personally affect pricing within your company and in your surrounding area
  • Mastery level sketching tips
  • How to make your own price list

As an ADVANCED user, you will also join the conversation about:

  • Overhead & Profit for mitigation claims
  • Pricing justification

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Water Restoration Pro + Estimating Pro + Mold Remediation Pro + RTV Español*

Normal price: $3,989

Bundle Price: $2,995

Other Purchase Options

Water Restoration Pro+ Estimating Pro*

150 + Water Restoration Videos

Fundamentals of Drying

Science of Drying

Process of Drying

Great For Team Meetings

Free Content For Quick Tips

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Xactimate Training for Profitability

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Estimating Pro Series*

28 Training Videos

Not Your Average Xactimate Training

Learn How to Utilize the Program for Profitability

Properly Format a Water Mitigation Job

Access to Reets TV Apps (Roku, iOS, Android)


* Note all pricing includes 1 year membership on an automatic recurring basis. A Reets TV Streaming Membership includes 5 devices per 1 login.

We Suggest Watching the Estimate Pro Series as a Precursor to coming to the Estimating and Negotiating Class

Bundle The Self Paced Video Series and the Estimating and Negotiating class together

Normal Price: $2,594

Bundle Price: $1,999


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