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Mold Remediation Pro Series

Mold Remediation Pro Series

Doesn’t everyone know how to handle mold? Just spray some bleach on it…. At least that is what some will tell you. Why is it important to properly remediate mold? Because not properly handling it is a lawsuit waiting to happen. While there is no substitute for getting your AMRT, this series will line up proper procedures and techniques for your technicians. Learn how to handle the job from beginning to end. Learn what mold is, what makes it grow and how to handle it. Learn how to manage airflow and set up containment on the job. Establish processes to demo and/or clean structures and contents safely.

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Water Restoration Pro + Estimating Pro + Mold Remediation Pro + RTV Español*

Normal price: $3,989

Bundle Price: $2,995

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Water Restoration Pro + Mold Remediation Pro*

150 + Water Restoration Videos

Fundamentals of Drying

Science of Drying

Process of Drying

Great For Team Meetings

Free Content For Quick Tips

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Mold Training Processes

Principles, Demo and Cleaning

Normal Price: $2,790

Bundle Price: $2,595

Mold Remediation Pro Series*

11 Training Videos 

Learn to Handle a Mold Remediation Job From Start to Finish

Learn About Mold, Demo, Remediation and Cleaning 

Access to Reets TV Apps (Roku, iOS, Android)


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