IICRC Water Restoration Technician

Learn water damage restoration the right way!

Learn how to extract water using different kinds of equipment, how to set up drying equipment, how to monitor with meters, and how to find pockets of moisture using an infrared camera. 

Learn how to calculate the proper amount of drying equipment needed to dry the job effectively.

All water damage jobs are not the same. Is it a category 1, or 2 or 3? Should we remove everything or is it okay to dry it? Should you use biocides, disinfectants….and when? What is contaminated? Learn the difference and know how to explain it. How about microbial growth? Did you cause it or was it pre-existing. Learn what to do and how to document it.

Class begins at 8am daily.

Testing fees are not included. Each IICRC Certification Exam is $80. Reets Drying Academy does not accept these payments and are not responsible for these fees. Please make arrangements to send a credit card or check made out to the IICRC for each technician. 

IICRC Water Restoration Technician (WRT) – Livestream


Since 2020 the IICRC has approved the live streaming of certain IICRC Courses like the WRT! We thank the IICRC for their forward-thinking by using this technology to continue to advance education in our industry!

IICRC Livestream Online courses have made it easy to get your IICRC Certifications right from your home or office! 

Location of the class: Livestream

Instructors: Brandon WhiteScott Walden, Jeremy Reets

What you will learn:

  • Category
  • Class of Loss
  • Extraction
  • Microbial Growth

To bundle a Livestream IICRC WRT with an in-person IICRC ASD click here