The 4 Building Blocks of Profit Mastery: Part 1

This article covers part 1 of 4 of the 4 building blocks of Profit Mastery.

You have decided to become a Water Restoration company owner and before you stands one critical goal..PROFIT GENERATION and lots of it. Generating profit is a complicated science and it requires some experience to master it. The advisors at Reets Drying Academy  are going to help simplify this challenging goal by breaking down the driving forces to 4 critical components. Understanding what these areas are and how their role works in increasing the bottom line is completely necessary in growing a healthy, wealthy business.

Lead Generation

  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Dollar Sale
  • Margin

Each of these components will be covered one by one in the Profit Mastery series and each component leads into the next.

IICRC certification courses, Reets Drying Academy, Reets. TV, profit masteryMost businesses focus a lot of time on the first critical component…Lead Generation, or better known as Marketing. In evaluating the quality of a lead generation source you first want to consider the impact it will make in the other three profit drivers. Your qualifiers for deciding on a good lead source may currently consist of cost, simplicity and amount of lead potential. Although this is important, it is not enough. Even a lead generation source that sends tons of leads is of no value if it doesn’t Convert leads into jobs with a high Average Dollar Sale and solid Margins.

Stay tuned! Next week we will be explaining the importance of being able to convert jobs into sales.

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