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28 Videos. Over 3 hours of content. (More videos coming soon!)

Welcome to our Estimating Pro Series! Are you:

  • A self-taught Xactimate user?
  • An owner concerned with the profitability of your estimates?
  • Are you a tech ready to take the next step in your restoration career?

Then this series is for YOU! Take a deep dive into Xactimate!

Through a series of videos and written material we’ll take you through Xactimate. This training is centered on learning about, writing, and justifying water mitigation claims. The Estimating Pro Series will not only teach users how to use the program, Xactimate, but more importantly it will teach users how to estimate PROPERLY.

Learn how to play to win the insurance game by becoming an estimating master! The Estimating Pro Series is just one piece of the building block that will take you from just an ordinary estimator to an estimating pro. Keep the journey going and complete our RDA Estimating Mastery Series!

Estimating Pro Contents:

  • Video 1: Introduction to Xactimate
  • Video 2: Dashboard
  • Video 3: Preferences
  • Video 4: Preferences 2
  • Video 5: Xactimate Dropdown
  • Video 6: Pricing Feedback

Video 7: Profiles

Video 8: Insured Info

Video 9: Coverage & Loss

Video 10: Parameters

  • Video 11: Tool Bar
  • Video 12: Options
  • Video 13: Shortcuts
  • Video 14: Shortcuts 2
  • Video 15: Stairs
  • Video 16: Details
  • Video 17: Graphical Estimating
  • Video 18: Overview
  • Video 19: Search
  • Video 20: Line Item Details
  • Video 21: Unit Pricing
  • Video 22: Accurate Pricing
  • Video 23: Adjusting Pricing
  • Video 24: Line Items (Home Components)
  • Video 25: Equipment
  • Video 26: Estimate Items Shortcuts
  • Video 27: Miscellaneous
  • Video 28: Conclusion

What you will learn:

If you are a BEGINNER user you'll learn:

  • The basics of the program
  • How to type in a property owner's name and address
  • How to set defaults
  • The tricks and shortcuts to make sketching easy
  • How to search or input line items


If you are an INTERMEDIATE user you'll learn:

  • Advanced tricks and tips that will make estimating more efficient
  • How to examine the line items you use and how to justify them or find new line items you didn't know were even there


If you are an ADVANCED user you'll learn:

  • How Xactimate figures unit pricing
  • How you can personally affect pricing within your company and in your surrounding area
  • Mastery level sketching tips
  • How to make your own price list


As an ADVANCED user, you will also join the conversation about:

  • Overhead & Profit for mitigation claims
  • Pricing justification