Safety & Health Management System

Safety & Health Management System

The safety of employees should be the top priority for employers because lives are at stake. But unfortunately, health and safety are  often thrown to the wayside. Why? Because it’s a lot to handle and manage.

OSHA compliance regulations can definitely feel overwhelming. But you can relax!

To help restoration companies easily manage health and safety training and stay OSHA-compliant, we have created an easy-to-use, all-in-one OSHA compliance management system designed specifically for restoration companies.

RDA has developed a video series for safety managers and also field/office staff to go over potential hazards and how to prevent them.

But this management system is more than just videos.

We are also offering a way to know you’re OSHA-compliant and prove it with documentation.

As your staff takes the safety tests, you have access to their scores that can be used in case of an audit.

You will have the ability track and receive reminders when techs need to be fit tested.

Receive written programs tailored specifically to your company that not only helps train on safety, but also brings you up to the standard OSHA has set for your company. 

Are you OSHA compliant?

In order to be OSHA compliant, companies are REQUIRED by law to:

  • annually have each employee fit tested for PPE
  • maintain employee safety training and PPE fit testing records
  • have the written plans for the following:

This management system will take the stress out of OSHA compliance and help create a better working environment for you and your employees

What’s Included:

  • Lifetime access to records for each individual employee regarding safety training received and PPE fit testing.
  • Automated reminders for:
    • PPE Fit Testing
    • Safety & Health Training
  • 30+ OSHA-standard safety training videos
  • Written programs tailored to your company

Now Available!

  • Intro: Meet the Instructor
  • Video 1: OSHA (For Manager)
  • Video 2: How to Fill Out the JHA (For Manager)
  • Video 3: Hierarchy of Controls
  • Video 4: How to Read JHA
  • Video 5: Training Application (Dramatization)

Now Available

  • Video 6: Safety Management Requirements (For Manager)
  • Video 7: NFPA Diamond (For Manager)
  • Video 8: SDS 
  • Video 9: Chemical Labeling
  • Video 10: Training Application (Dramatization)

  • Video 11: Requirements for Hazardous Materials (For Manager)
  • Video 12: Bloodborne Pathogens – Requirements, ECP; Hepatitis B vaccine, PPE Level required (For Manager)
  • Video 13: Electrical Manager (For Manager)
  • Video 14: Asbestos, Lead, Silica, Combustibles
  • Video 15: Bloodborne Pathogens 
  • Video 16: Definition of amps, watts, grounding, hazards to look for, LOTO
  • Video 17: Training Application (Dramatization)

  • Video 18: How to Identify Confined Space vs. Permit Required (For Manager)
  • Video 19: Respiratory Protection (For Manager)
  • Video 20: PPE – Written program, hazard assessments, don and doff/decon techniques
  • Video 21: Confined Space
  • Video 22: Respiratory Protection
  • Video 23: PPE
  • Video 24: Training Application (Dramatization)

Coming 2023

  • Video 25: How To Train for Ergonomics and Scheduling (For Manager)
  • Video 26: Working Walking Surfaces – Requirements for guard rails, PFAS, and ladder usage (For Manager)
  • Video 27: EAP/FFP (For Manager)
  • Video 28:  Tech Ergonomics
  • Video 29: WWS and Ladder Usage – Ascend and Descend ladder, set up ladder and scaffolding
  • Video 30: Exit map, fire extinguishers, and personal accountability
  • Video 31: Conclusion
  • Video 32: Training Application (Dramatization)

*Safety training involves so many components and it can be hard to focus on what to implement first. So, to make it easier for restoration companies to implement the safety training effectively, we will be releasing availability of the modules on a set schedule.

“There is nothing like this system in our industry. It is an essential part of establishing and maintaining a culture of safety in your company.”

Pricing Details

Safety and Health Streaming

  • All 30+ videos split into Safety Program Administrator and Employee Tracks
  • Written Programs that can be tailored to your company
  • Easy way to watch all the videos without built-in tracking
  • Great for team safety huddles and meetings

$1,295 / per year

Additional discount for Reets TV members. Includes up to 5 devices. Price is based on auto renewal.

Full Safety & Health Management System

  • All 30+ videos split into Safety Program Administer and Employee Tracks
  • Written Programs that can be tailored to your company
  • Tracking and reporting to ensure OSHA compliance
  •  Knowledge checks and testing included

$1,295 / per year

+ $499 One-time Set up Fee

In order to have OSHA compliance, all employees, including office staff, should be included. If the owner doesn’t work in the field, they do not need to be included in the number. For companies over 10 employees, please call for pricing.

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