Customer Service

Quality of work and customer service can set you apart from other contractors in your area. It is difficult to think of the customer while we trudge through their home, do our paperwork and set equipment. But the property owner is the customer. Getting them on your side has big implications for when you get paid. Here are some tips to do that.

Here’s Why Education Is Important

  Did you know that your technicians have something in common with a mitigation truck?   Follow me on this one. Let’s say you purchase a mitigation truck. Why do you purchase that mitigation truck? You

Meeting Customer Needs: Be Confident and Comforting   Be Confident!   Why is confidence important? The customer has fears their property will never be the same or that you may not be the right person.

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  Meeting The Customer’s Needs: R-E-S-P-E-C-T   Asking questions and listening to their responses allows you a better ability to meet the customer’s needs on every project. This is a part of respecting the property

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This is the second and final installment of our “Customer Relations,” series.  This week we will be covering the preferred method of communication and managing expectations. Preferred method of communication: If you need me to

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Manage Your Customer Relationships Relationships are one of the biggest things that money can’t buy to promote your business. Over the course of the next few weeks we will discover the important ways you can

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When you deal with customers on a regular basis you are going to have issues come up. Customers not happy with your service. Your frustration can compound when despite your best efforts to help, customers

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